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Tiny Cranium (Skull)

A skull without the jaw (mandible) is called a cranium.

Resin. Almost 1.5" tall, almost 2.5" long. Price is $5.


Black Celtic Skull

Resin. About 5" tall, almost 6.5" long. Weighs four pounds. Imported.

Day of the Dead Bride/Groom Snow Globe

Day of the Dead Bride and Groom Snow Globe. Imported. $19

Cast Stone Garden Skull

This cast stone skull is a 3" tall hand finished green patina concrete skull and is priced at $19. This guy is a good choice for a decorative skull for the garden.

Cast Stone. Made in USA.

Cast Stone Garden Cranium

This cast stone cranium is the same finish as the Cast Stone Garden Skull, this cranium is 5.5" tall, 8" front to back. Hand finished green patina concrete skull, it feels quite heavy for it's size, and is priced at $49. Sorry — Out of Stock.

Cast Stone. Made in USA.

Bronze Cranium (Skull)

A skull without the jaw (mandible) is called a cranium.

This skull is 5" tall, 7" from front to back, and is priced at $36.

This cranium is made of cold cast resin mixed with bronze for a metal look. Imported.

Crystal Purple Skull

The Crystal Purple Skull is kind of dark translucent purple.

The Crystal Purple Skull is a nice collectible, and is priced at $39.

Indoor. Resin.

Aztec Skull

This skull has decorative Aztec patterns carved into the surface, bone colored with a dark patina.

The Aztec Skull is $34.

Indoor. Resin.

Tribal Warrior Skull

If the need arises for a tribal patterned decorative skull sculpture to grace a shelf or table this one would be a good choice. This collectible skull has tribal patterns on it's bone colored surface then a dark patina wash is applied.

The Tribal Warrior Skull has a tribal pattern 'carved' into the bone colored body, and is 5 1/2" tall for $29.

Indoor. Resin.

Celtic Skull (Original Art)

This piece is an original painted skull by Campbell artist John Cloud. Cloud (using a flat black skull below) painted Aztec imagery using enamel paint markers and acrylic paint.

Hand painted original artwork Aztec Skull by John Cloud is 4 1/2" tall for $99. Each is hand painted, they will vary slightly -- but each is quite awesome.

Indoor. Resin.

Flat Black Skull

"The Flat Black Skull is flat black. This photo is as accurate as I can take -- the actual skull is not as shiny nor as gray -- it is deep flat black."

Flat Black Skull, large (about 4 1/2" tall) is $24, small (about 3" tall) is $14.

Indoor / Resin. Imported.

Chrome Skull

"Shiny Chrome Skull"

This decorative skull is a metal plated (chrome or nickel I think) skull. It is heavy for it's size, and so it makes for one lustrous, polished, gleaming skull!

This skull is shiny chrome looking metal. It is much more 'chromier' than the camera captures: think '57 Chevy bumper!

Chrome skull is 5 1/2" tall for $39.

Indoor. Imported. Resin.

Giant Carved Celtic Skull

"Giant Carved Celtic Skull"

The Giant Carved Celtic Skull is 13" tall, 16" front to back, 11" wide, price is $99.00. This very impressive piece is cast hollow, so it is not too heavy. It is pictured with a regular sized skull so you can more easily get a feel for the size.

Indoor / Outdoor. Imported. Resin. Color is Aged Bone.

Love Never Dies Salt & Pepper

"Love Never Dies Salt & Pepper"

This salt and pepper set is 5" tall for $12.00. There is a magnet on each piece so they say together 'kissing.'

Indoor / Outdoor. Imported. Ceramic. Color is as shown.

Ancient Skull

"Ancient Skull"

The Ancient Skull is a cool decorative skull to display, it about 5 1/4" tall for $26.00 each (three are pictured).

Indoor / Outdoor. Imported. Resin.

Vincent Bone Colored Skull

"Vincent Bone Colored Skull"

Vincent is a rather large skull that is a bone color with dark patina wash. This skull is about 8" tall for $26.00.

Indoor / Outdoor. Imported. Resin.

Walter, A Small Human Skull

Walter is a small accurate model of a human male skull.

Skull is 2" tall for $39.

Indoor / Resin.

Skulls do more than just protect the brain -- they also stimulate the mind. Often symbols of mortality and power, they have been employed in human ceremony, ritual, and art for tens of thousands of years. People worldwide have used skulls to express ideas about both life and death -- from skulls and other artifacts unearthed in prehistoric burial sites to skulls used today in art and logos.
Designed by nature nearly 500 million years ago to protect the brain. A model of mechanical efficiency, each of the skullπs features is built to support specific functions, including locating food, eating and sensory intake.
'Bones' Hand Mirror

"Bones is one fine 'looking glass."

The 'Bones' hand mirror is $19.00.

Bones is about 10" long.

Color is as shown.

Indoor. Imported.

Today, the skull is as popular as it ever was. In movies, games, literature, comics, and tattoos, the skull continues to gather different symbolic implications as the creative imagination of the artist lets loose. Some designs are humorous, some macabre, some threatening.
Crystal Skull

"The Crystal Skull looks pretty cool when a light behind makes the skull glow."

Crystal Skull, large (about 4 1/2" tall) is $39, small(about 3" tall) is $14. Click on the photo to see a larger picture.

Indoor / Resin. Imported.

Human Skull Replica

"This is a very good replica of a male human skull. It is cast in plaster. The jaw is not attached."

The Skull itself is about 7" tall, 8" front to back, with a stand and base, price is $189.Special Order, About Two Week Delivery Time.

Color is as shown.

Indoor. Made in USA.

Skull Bank with Hand painted Dragons

Hand painted dragons are on both sides of this bank. A rubber plug on the bottom allows access to all the loot when desired.

Color is as shown, height about 5", $29. Sorry — Out of Stock.

Indoor. Imported.

'Babbington' Dragon Skull

Color is as shown, height about 5 1/4", length 12" $49.

Babbington is molded so that the skull is hollow underneath.

Indoor. Imported.

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